Mr. & Mrs. Palmer

This is so I remember the Day.

Erica Alexis Mehl & Kindall Christian Palmer

date: 12.28.12

sealing: salt lake temple

luncheon: the roof restaurant, joseph smith building

after-party: white willow reception house

colors: icy blue, gold, & taupe

The week of my wedding is a complete blur. The whole month in fact. One big blissful, merry, jubilant blur.

Let’s backtrack just a couple months…a surprise proposal on Halloween night, Kindall gone for two weeks, school, work, Erica and her mom knocking out an entire wedding’s worth of plans in a month an a half, finals week (which was definitely the low point of my entire school career), a week-long trip to Costa Rica (which was planned by Kindall’s family before the surprise engagement), Christmas, and receiving my endowments in the temple two days before the wedding (which was the most special part). This was possibly the busiest two months of my entire life. And to top it all off, Kindall was in bed the whole week before the wedding with some mysterious sickness he contracted in the tropics. My entire Christmas was spent worrying what I would do if my own fiancé couldn’t make it to my wedding. But we were granted a miracle, and the morning of the wedding he awoke almost completely healed. Phew!

The morning of the 28th, dawned bright, early, and white. Snow. There are a few things I particularly remember…my beautiful friend Lara coming over at 5:30am sharp to do my hair and make-up, my wonderful brother Derik painting my toes for me as I got ready in a bustle, packing up my veil that my aunt Nora sewed for me by hand. So sweet. As we rushed out of the house to get to the Salt Lake Temple by 8 o’clock, a steady stream of snow was cascading from the sky.  I couldn’t believe it, so far a whole winter with no snow and suddenly there was a blizzard on my wedding day! Thankfully, we were only a little bit late to the temple.

The sealing was the most beautiful thing. Being there with almost my entire family, some of who traveled far and wide to get there, and being sealed to the most perfect, handsome guy that I could have imagined made me like the luckiest girl in the world. My heart was full.

Now, it was time to celebrate. As Kindall and I stood inside the temple with only two glass doors separating us from our congratulators outside, I was overjoyed with excitement. We were married! We walked out of the temple to cheers, hugs, and cold handshakes from our devoted families and friends who had waited so patiently in the cold. I looked around, and it was a whole new world. The morning blizzard had given way to an incredible blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and a bright yellow sun. The ground was hiding under at least two feet of fresh, pure, white snow. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect backdrop for a December wedding! It was like Mother Nature was celebrating our new beginning right along with us.

Somehow the warmth of my feelings got me through about half of the next two hours of picture taking, though our poor families were trying to huddle together the best they could in the the balmy 27˚ weather. And Kindall, after a week of being bed-ridden and hardly being able to eat a thing, was somehow able to swing me into his arms and carry me around the entire temple square when my high-heeled feet got too cold to walk anymore. Now that’s a gentleman.

The wedding was captured in photos by the stunning Leah Wright, and on video by the renowned  David Perry. I cannot say enough good about these two. Leah has been a family friend for a long time, and I have known for years that she would be the one to shoot my wedding. Beautiful shots. And David was just incredible. He arrived on the scene with fruit snacks and hand warmers for us that couldn’t have been more welcome. At first, I was a bit doubtful of the necessity of a videographer, but my mom was able to convince me otherwise. Thanks, mom : ). What better way to relive your wedding day than to see it in motion! See link below, password is 2.

Temple Film/Kindall & Erica
password: 2
videographer: david perry
song: on top of the world/imagine dragons

(Bridals and engagements were both done perfectly by Jacki Miller, don’t forget to check her out too.)

After a couple hours of photos, we made our way to the top floor of the Joseph Smith Building where hot chocolate was waiting along with the luncheon and the most beautiful view of the temple that the city can offer. I don’t remember what we ate, but it was wonderful. As we walked around greeting everyone, I still couldn’t grasp the fact that this was my husband, and I would be introducing myself next to him for the rest of my life. What an exciting thought.

The reception was at the White Willow house, an absolute gem. It is located in an adorable little antique house on 5th west in Provo, and they take care of everything for you. Decorations, flowers, food, cake, EVERYTHING! Once we found this place my mom was sold, who wouldn’t love a wedding with no hassle. Everything turned out beautifully. Since it was only a few days after Christmas and right before New Years, a giant Christmas tree adorned the front hall right inside the front door, underneath a shimmering silver and gold chandelier. The guests made the procession through the house, through the wedding line, and into the main room where a soup and dessert buffet and a photo booth were waiting. On top of each table was a white, leafless tree dressed with strings of jewels and photos of the bride and groom, of course. The antique house adorned with elegant silver and gold decor was the perfect companion to the snowy world outside, and the perfect feel for a winter wedding.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that enduring the reception line is the worst part of the wedding day, but I absolutely loved it. Seeing so many of my family, friends, and  people I have never met with each of their smiling faces, all there to wish me and my husband congratulations. Such a blessing. Thank you, everyone.

The rest of the evening was full of love, laughter, flying bouquets and garters, photos in the booth, cake in the face, and lots of dancing. After a send off through a sparkling tunnel down the snowy path and into our lovely car (which somehow got filled with all kinds of…stuff), we were off! Married. On our own. Mr. & Mrs. Palmer. And now, 11 months later, I still get butterflies in my stomach when I say that.

wedding-5Hello, world!


wedding-51The Palmer Family

wedding-55The Navarro Family

wedding-54The Mehl Family

wedding-61HMC4L! My best friends in the whole world.

wedding-85The sweetest brother a girl could ask for.

wedding-94Mis padres

wedding-103Succulents, white roses and billy balls

wedding-115He makes me so happy.


wedding-137The House of the Lord

wedding-151White Wedding


reception-28The Line

reception-23The Cake


reception-129The Rings

reception-17My absolutely beautiful best friends

reception-114Daddy and Daughter

reception-103She caught the bouquet!!! And Brandon caught the garter. Guess who was married next.

reception-90Sweet, sweet love.

reception-140A sparkling send-off

reception-145The End.


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