Summer is for kids.

I never got around to posting this over the summer so I’m just going to put it up there while I start working on a new one…


Soo since writing has become my official job, I have really started slacking off on writing for pleasure. Not that writing for work doesn’t give me pleasure, but news about my personal life isn’t exactly a topic of interest for the vast audience of Deseret News (where I am currently interning).

But I egotistically believe that my personal life will be of some interest to my posterity, which may one day be as vast as the audience of the Deseret News.

So here I am with an update on The Personal Life of EP.

We love baseball and ice cream.

We love baseball and ice cream.

Here we are in the middle of the summer. And I have learned that working full time in the summer is rough. THANK GOODNESS FOR WEEKENDS. Over the past few summers since graduating high school, I have slowly began to realize that the word “summer,” which carried such an air of freedom, joy and lemonade as a child, now merely refers to a change in the weather from freezing cold to bloody hot. No, I’m not complaining. I fully appreciate the extra hours of daylight and new activities that this change in season makes possible. I’m just saying it’s not quite what it used to be.

We did have SOME time for fun. Weekend trips are a must.

We did have SOME time for fun. Weekend trips are a must.


I am currently doing an internship at Deseret News in the Mormon Times & Features department. Applying for this internship was sort of a happenstance. After my semester writing for the cops, crimes & courts section for BYU’s Universe newspaper, I was convinced that I was one of those unique, hard core journalists that actually liked writing about the ‘hard news.’ So when I received word that I got this internship for the artsy, inspirational section of the paper, I was a little taken aback and unsure if I would enjoy it.

Just me and my bff posing at our big kid jobs.

Just me and my bff posing at our big kid jobs.

However, I LOVE it. The world has enough bad news in it, and I cannot even say how much I have enjoyed being the bearer of all the good news instead. I have written about the symphony, piano concerts, arts festivals. I interviewed a WWII vet who survived for days floating in the ocean, some Utah parents of 18 children whose hearts are bigger than I can imagine and the LDS guy who published the Apples to Apples board game. Oh, and Brian Regan. And last week I got to interview a sweet couple who is celebrating their 75th anniversary next month and a grandma who just got baptized at age 100.


That one time I made the front page of the C section…twice.

I love my job, and I love the invisible power of words being shared between minds. I love being the facilitator of that power, and helping people tell their stories that just make other people happy.



I’m in love with him.

Kindall started out his summer not really knowing what he was going to do. Somehow he is so easy going that he is okay with that. (I, on the other hand, have to have things planned out to a T well in advance.) And of course, as things work out for him, opportunity came a-knockin. He got hooked up with the guys who own Rocky Mountain Flyboarding through a neighbor, and originally thought he would just be doing sales for them (if you aren’t familiar with the water sport flyboarding yet, click here to be amazed). However, he put his business skills to work and last week he was officially made a partner of the company! I will never cease to be amazed and proud at his accomplishments. Anyways, that’s a job with benefits for sure. For both he and I. With our previous jobs we got free ceramics and candles, but this job we’re talking unlimited fun on the lake and the capability to fly like iron man. Ohh yeahh.


I think I accidentally married Iron Man.


Our family of two has officially become a family of three. Our 7-month-old puppy Moose is such a joy. She is the sweetest thing in the world, and gives me an honest reminder every day to be loving, forgiving just plain happy. She enjoys taking showers and LOVES to snuggle more than anything; if you sit down on the floor she’ll be on your lap in a second. We take her running, biking, hiking, swimming, playing in the park, and (her favorite) to grandma’s house. I think grandma loves her almost as much as she loves grandma. (Which really comes in handy when we want to have a date night anywhere other than the park). Last night we took her to the playground for the first time and she had a blast sliding up and down the slides and chasing us around. In seeing how much I can love this little puppy, I just can’t wait until I have a little human to call my own.

Photo on 7-22-14 at 5.25 PM #2

She INSISTS on sitting on my lap. No matter where I am.

Well, that’s us! The Palmers. We are happier than ever.



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